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Online Booking available for Medical Test from Government Clinics (you will need to fill in form for a temporary health card).
Normal Medical Test Fee is Dh.260 + Dh15 for Courier delivery within five working days.
Speed Packages: Dh470 for 24 hour service and Dh370 for 48 hour service.

Al Satwa
Primary Health Care Centre
Location: Near Post Office / Bus Station
7:30am 9:00pm
Sun to Thu, 8am to 1pm Sat & holidays

Al Mankhool
Route: Turn Right before Union Cooperative - Karama > British Nursery > Turn Right
7:30am 2:30 pm, Sun to Thu

Al Bada'a Clinic
Route: Sheikh Zayed Road>Behind Shangri-La Hotel
7:30am 2:30 pm
04-5081000, 04-5081046
Sun to Thu
Full Time Maids
Welcoming a full time maid into your home can be a daunting prospect the first time. Think of all the positives: you are about to get help with all your cleaning and domestic needs! In order for this work relationship to start on the right foot, we believe you need to help your new employee settle in… At we have extensive experience in helping families welcome new housekeepers, and would like to share some advice!

Now that you have found a maid, and sponsored her, you need to do a few more things before bringing her into your home. By getting her into a good start and making her feel welcome, you will build a long lasting relationship of trust, and help dispel her fears and shyness.

Here are a few suggestions of things you could prepare before her arrival:

Have the whole family welcome her on arrival and give her a tour of the house
Make sure her room is fully organized out with everything she could need, and have her bed made and towels ready
Offer to give her a cell phone with a pre-paid SIM card. Explain this phone is only for work so that you can reach her and she can reach you. Put your telephone numbers into memory as well as the emergency numbers
Have a clear task list drawn up for her so she knows exactly what her duties are (you may want to use our Job Description template)
Talk to her about her working hours and days off and holidays, so she is really clear when she will be working.
If she is new to the UAE, explain to her the area you are living in, where the nearest shops are, and maybe even an overview of the law in the country
Talk to her about eating arrangements - does she cook her own meals, eat the same food as the family etc. Some nationalities of maid really like to eat or prepare their own familiar food.
If you want her to cook for your family, she may not have a knowledge of the dishes you would like her to cook, so you will need to arrange some cooking classes – The Perfect Help can offer some excellent classes at very competitive prices
Some nationalities do things different to how you would, so you may have to spend time training your maid to do things a certain way like cleaning, ironing, washing etc. Take the time to train your maid in these fields so she knows how to do things and when – The Essentials of Housekeeping and Essentials of Laundry courses by The Perfect Help can be a great help
Give her access to your WIFI and to a computer if she does not own one. Being able to email or skype her family back home will help fight home sickness
If you have provided a TV set for her, try to get her channels in her mother tongue for her to feel at home.
You can help her to make some friends with other maids in your neighborhood. You may have friends or neighbors with helpers of the same nationality and that would be a great way to start
Let her know that she can come to you about any issues or problems and that you will talk to her and try and help her as much as you can.
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